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Mobile Office Rental Raleigh

Renting Mobile Offices in Raleigh

Shipping containers can be used for so many things. From on-location storage solutions to on-site construction material storage and mobile work space, you’ll find many uses for containers, all of which can be used short term as a rental! A container can be delivered and transported by one truck and will save you money. A storage container has you covered for all of your hauling and remote work needs. Offices are easily assembled in storage containers, but are definitely a smaller space. With these small office organization tips, you’ll be set up and ready to work.

mobile officeSizes of Containers

A 20′ container is the most popular, but a 40′ and 10′ option are also available. A 20′ container offers enough space for a smaller team of employees to work. You will also find these shipping containers in 10′ and 40′ sizes. A larger group of workers could work out of a 40′ box. The 10’ container works for smaller belongings and can be easily moved. Most people’s common needs will be met using the 20′ shipping container. You want to ensure you buy the right size or else you will be pinched for space.

Are Storage Containers Safe?

Yes, storage containers are actually very safe and secure. Containers are secure from human tampering, as well as natural destruction. You won’t need to find other arrangements or storage during a storm! You can feel safe working and storing items in a shipping container even in crazy weather. It is very durable, waterproof and heavy to withstand a lot of wind and rain.

Portable Offices in Raleigh, NC

Shipping containers make the best remote location offices. We also love that companies and individuals can rent their container for shorter projects, meaning you won’t be stuck with a huge investment. By using a storage container as a mobile office, employees will have a safe location with the ability to add air conditioning and WiFi to work more efficiently and comfortably. Portable offices can also be moved with easy transport. Mobile office rental Raleigh NC will deliver, adjust and transport your container with ease.