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Cabinetry Installation Cary NC

Cary Cabinets

Adding cabinetry to a kitchen remodel can be a very time consuming project, but it’s often worth the time and effort spent because you end up with cabinets that not only look great, but are also durable and functional. There are literally hundreds of different types of cabinetry that can be added to any kitchen, including modern or contemporary cabinetry, old style barn cabinetry, retro cabinetry, European and Indian cabinet styles, even cottage style cabinet styles. The average price of custom cabinetry in today’s market is roughly $400 a linear foot, with many units you can purchase having separate pricing, materials, and customizing molding and finish. A complete kitchen with all of the necessary cabinetry styles can be upwards of 30 linear feet long, with an average price of about $12,000.

Cabinet Sizes

Because cabinetry comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from the largest units you can find in most department stores to extremely small and intricate pieces custom cabinetry can be found for almost any budget, including custom kitchen cabinets, small appliances, large appliances, counter tops, and storage space. There are so many different options and customizations that you can choose from to add beauty and functionality to your home. You can get custom doors, shelves, tops, drawers, under mount or drop in centers, full kitchens, half kitchens, breakfast nooks, built in or freestanding kitchens, dishwasher and refrigerator combos, range hoods, bakeries, faucets, exhaust fans, humidifiers, ice makers, ice boxes, specialty items, exhaust fans, wall hung toilets and showers, custom lighting, gas ranges, custom exhaust fans, custom sinks, custom cabinets, custom lighting, ceiling fans, under cabinet lighting, towel bars, wine racks, custom lighting, and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Customizing Your Cabinets

The majority of custom cabinets will be taller than most regular cabinets, due to the materials used. They are generally constructed of oak, solid wood, metal, laminate, or a combination of any of these materials. In addition, you can get custom cabinets made to order from cabinets Cary, as well as pre-built cabinets, if you are looking for a specific look or design. A custom cabinet company can also help you decide how much storage space you need for laundry rooms, bathroom closets, pantries, and even for game rooms. Regardless of the needs that you have, there is custom cabinetry out there just for you.